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Thinking of setting up your company in Malta and establishing a presence in Malta?

 Fides Corporate Services Limited has the right experience and knowledge to assist you and to provide you with a complete range of support business solutions to both individuals and body corporates. We pride ourselves by our friendly and professional approach in assisting our clients in every stage of setting up your Malta company.

We may offer a quick and efficient service to all our clients and true professional service, value for money. Our Core Corporate Services we provide in Malta include:

The recent changes to Maltese tax laws continue to place Malta as an ideal location for the purpose of carrying out international trading operations. Through the establishment of a company registered under Maltese law, international businessmen are able to utilize the Maltese imputation system of taxation when distributions of dividends are made to them as non resident shareholders of Malta companies.

The definition of a 'company registered in Malta' has been widened to include oversea branches set up in Malta, companies which although not resident in Malta carry out activities in Malta and also companies which are neither registered nor resident in Malta provided that such companies are registered with the local tax authorities. The objects of the company must include operations of a trading nature.

Maltese corporate tax is 35% which is higher than in most other European countries. A small finesse in Maltese tax law makes Malta an attractive jurisdiction for companies of all sizes.

What makes the Maltese tax unique and interesting is the shareholder's right to apply for a tax-refund of up to 6/7 of the corporate tax suffered. Shareholders of companies paying 35% in corporate tax will receive a tax-credit of 30% of the paid amount. The net taxable effect suffered in Malta is only 5%.

By the use of a Maltese holding company the EU Parent-Subsidiary Directive allows for the tax-credit to be distributed tax-free as dividend to a foreign parent company.

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