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A number of fiscal incentives have been set up in relation to this area which mainly relate to audiovisual productions shot in Malta as well as to audiovisual production companies operating from Malta.

Malta has ratified the European Convention on Cinematographic Co-Production, which Convention provides a set of rules governing relations between states in multilateral co-productions of cinematographic films. The Convention‘s provisions define in particular the status of multilateral co-productions, which are entitled to the benefits granted to national films; the conditions for obtaining co-production status; the rights of co-producers and the proportion of contributions from each co-producer, among others.

Companies which operate as part of the Maltese audiovisual industry by investing in audiovisual infrastructure qualify to tax credits deducted against income derived through investment in the audiovisual industry which is government approved. Furthermore, companies engaged in various forms of audiovisual productions such as the management of sound stages as well as the rental of filming, lighting and grip equipment also qualify for tax credits which are calculated as follows:

Companies engaged in the operation and providing of film studios and film sets, editing facilities and filming equipment required in the making of films and other productions may also benefit from tax incentives available in their respect.

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