Yachts in Malta

Malta Private Yacht Registration

Malta Private Yacht Registration

The following documentation required for Provisional Registration of a Maltese registered Private Yacht:

Fides Marine may assist with the the process of registering your private yacht under the Maltese flag.

Documentation required for Permanent Registration of a Private Yacht:

dvantages of registering a yacht under the Maltese Flag include:

Any vessel can be registered under the Maltese flag and recent changes to the law have made it possible for all citizens of an EU Member State, and a Company registered anywhere in the world to own a Maltese registered vessel without the requirement of setting up a Company in Malta.

Notwithstanding that a company is not strictly necessary by law, the set up and registration of a company to own the yacht, whenever this is required, are also inexpensive, and the advantages of reduced personal liability, and the anonymity offered by the ownership of a yacht through a company generally attract owners to go for this option. The transfer of shares within the Company owning the yacht is also exempt from taxation, and likewise a Maltese company owning a Maltese registered yacht is not taxed on the sale and mortgage of such yacht. The first step in registering a vessel under the Maltese Flag is provisional registration which lasts 6 months, during which all necessary documentation must be provided. The vessel will subsequently be permanantly registered.

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